* Order a website / store or landing page and get a 10% discount
on the next similar one.

We will do for you

от 59 $

Business card website

  • CRM system for a trial
    period of 1 month
  • Convenient site
    management system
  • Responsive portal view, communication with social networks
  • Ability to maintain a client base, lead generation
  • Онлайн чат на странице, обратный звонок,
    формы связи
  •  There is no way to promote in Google / Yandex
  • Custom HTML
    cannot be activated
  • One month
    technical support
  • Do not support
    end-to-end analytics

от 99 $

One page landing page

  • Possibility of promotion in Google / Yandex
  • Convenient site
     management system
  • CRM cards for leads,
    contacts, companies
    and deals
  • CRM system in
    extended tariff
  • Online chat on the page, callback, contact forms,
  • Adaptation,
    promotion plan
  • Technical support for the entire period
  • A discount
     for promotion 5%
  • Monthly payment 15 $ (hosting + CRM + manager)
  • Business processes
    related to CRM

от 149 $

Full site 

  • The minimum number of transition pages is 3 pcs.
  • Convenient site
     management system
  • CRM cards for leads,
    contacts, companies
    and deals
  • Monthly payment $ 20 (hosting + CRM + manager)
  • Online chat on the page, callback, contact forms,
  • CRM system
    in extended tariff
  • Technical support for the entire period
  •  Ability to update the site every six months
  • A discount
     for promotion 10%
  • Business processes
    related to CRM

от 299 $

Internet shop

  • Payment system,
    discount constructor
  • Convenient site
     management system
  • CRM cards for leads, contacts, companies and deals + administrator
  • Monthly payment 25 $ (hosting + CRM + manager)
  •  Remains and warehouses, accounting, goods in the catalog up to 3000 *
  •  Directions of deals and stages of directions
  • Online chat on the page, callback, contact forms
  • Import / Export store
    (no catalog)
  • Ability to update the site
    3 times a year
  • A discount
    for promotion 15%



  • This purchase gives you all the privileges and bonuses of our company. You get a full range of services, services and maximum bonuses. It will be a full-fledged company
    (constructor a website or store, promoting on Google, social networks, as well as using chat bots and car sales funnels).

Accompanying services


от 9 $
Selection of a domain name, binding to hosting, settings.
(the name itself is paid separately)


от 29 $

We will transfer from one hosting to another, taking into account that there are all accesses


от 2$ /шт

Selection of pictures / photos for the style (from 5 pcs)


от 7$ /шт

Changes to pictures for your own brand (correction, introduction of texts / pictures) from 1 piece


от 9 $

 Text writing, correcting blocks, readability
(from 2 blocks / 100-300 words)


от 25 $
Translation into multiple languages


от 5 $
Analytics / Pixel Garter etc


от 10 $
Details are discussed individually

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Frequently asked Questions:

How fast can I get the site / landing page / store?

Everything is individual. A one-page landing page with data can be done in 1 day (domain activation from 24 hours to 3 days). A store with payment on the site, 15 or more pages, 10 or more categories will take from 7 days.

What business are our services suitable for?

We create websites for different directions, the most popular are online auto parts store, quest rooms, clothing stores, pizza and sushi delivery services, sex shops, rigging companies, event agencies, restaurants / cafes / bars, logistics / transport companies, tutors, cleaning services, electronics repair shops, printer repair and refueling, wedding salons, online cosmetics store, advertising agencies, team building trainings, installation and production of facades, etc.

What do you need to launch a website?

You can come to us only with ideas and a little capital. $ 100 is enough to launch (landing page, domain, content). If you want to grow faster and get investments, then you need to invest in advertising, promotion and make your own efforts.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we constantly have promotions and bonuses. We are always glad to see people who come to our company again and again. It is very nice. We, in turn, give discounts from 10% to 50% (for subsequent works, a group of services or maximum sets).

Order our services and we will help You enjoy your work

Want more features ?

Our staff will help you strengthen the position of your site in search, set up sales funnels and connect chatbots (which can simplify your work with your client). Let's set up advertising on Google and social networks.